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K&M Monitor stativ med 3 ben
K&M Monitor stativ med 3 ben
SEK 1.220,00 
Optocore network Yamaha IGDAI main card

Optocore network Yamaha IGDAI main card

Art nr.. OP-YG2
SEK 4.985,00 
inkl. moms
Teknisk specifikationer
16In/16Out Audio Channels through console slot (miniYGDAI)
Word clock from/to YGDAI slot, from/to Network and word clock transport to any device in the network
10/100 MBit Ethernet Virtual Switch to any Optocore device featuring Ethernet
2 RS422 ports for direct transport of Yamaha HA Remote protocol via Optocore
1 "Sub" port to connect to YS2 card for enlargement of audio channels up to 64In/64Out (32In/32Out @ 96kHz)
2 pluggable optical LC Transceivers, single- or multimode is user changable
1 RS232/1USB port for Optocore Control Software
Upgradeable internal logic

CONCEPTION. The main card YG2 includes the "heart of Optocore" allowing direct connection of Yamaha consoles to the OPTOCORE ® OPTICAL DIGITAL NETWORK SYSTEM. According to the Yamaha miniYGDAI standard, the YG2 features 16In/16Out audio channels through the console slot. The front panel offers two fibre connections, 10/100MBit Ethernet transport, RS232/USB for Optocore Software and 2x RS422 for transporting of Yamaha Remote Protocol to AD8HR. Additional daughter boards YS2 can be connected via CAT5 cables using the RJ45 "SUB" port, to enlarge the number of audio channel up to 64In/64Out (32In/32Out @ 96kHz).To the fibre ports any Optocore device can be connected, e.g. another YG2 miniYGDAI card for consoles link or DD32(E) to connect A/D and D/A converters. The DD32(E) is equipped with RS422 In/Out for the Yamaha Remote Port connection.


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