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K&M Väggfäste för Ipad Mini
K&M Väggfäste för Ipad Mini
SEK 150,00 
Studiologic SL88 Grand Piano
Studiologic SL88 Grand Piano
Studiologic SL88 Grand Piano
Studiologic SL88 Grand Piano
Studiologic SL88 Grand Piano
Studiologic SL88 Grand Piano

Studiologic SL88 Grand Piano

Art nr.. STL-91961020
SEK 8.100,00 
inkl. moms
More than 30 years’ experience in exclusive keybeds meets an all-new, powerful, operating system. Perfect for you to control your hardware and virtual instruments. All provided in a powerful new refreshing way. Working together with musicians we have created a user interface which is perfect for quick navigation and setup, but also gives you excellent in-depth control. The SL88 Grand is ready to be at the very heart of your system.

Keyboard: 88 keys, TP/40WOOD Graded Hammer Action, Triple switch detection system, Ivory Feel,
Touch: Soft, Medium, Hard, Fixed (programmable), 6 Editable user''s velocity curves (with SL Editor)
Setupr: 250 Programs, 12 Program groups, 4 Programmable zones, 2 MIDI-ports separatly assignable
Control / UI: 3 Programmable sticks, Rotating encoder with navigation controls, 3 Function buttons
Display: Color graphic LCD - TFT, 320 x 240
Pedals: 2 switch, 1 continuous, 1 universel
MIDI: In, Out1, Out2
USB: USB to Host, MIDI, USB Powered
Adapter: Input 100 - 240V / Output 9V - 1A
Width: 126 cm / 49,6"
Depth: 31 cm / 12,2"
Height: 12,5 cm / 4,9"
Weight: 20,8 kg / 45,8 lbs

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