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K&M Fästskena för 2 mikrofoner, Justerbar
K&M Fästskena för 2 mikrofoner, Justerbar
SEK 383,75 
Studiologic Numa Orgel 2
Studiologic Numa Orgel 2
Studiologic Numa Orgel 2
Studiologic Numa Orgel 2
Studiologic Numa Orgel 2

Studiologic Numa Orgel 2

Art nr.. STL-94623020
SEK 9.447,50 
inkl. moms
Keyboard: 73 Keys (61 + 1 reverse colour octave) - TP/8O semi-weighted Action, Dual switch detection system
Touch: Velocity curve (on MIDI output)
Sound generator: Max Polyphony 128 voices
7 organ models: 3x Tonewheel (A/B/C), 3x Analog, 1x Classic Diapason, Physical modelling synthesis, Percussion 4''/22/3'' + Volume and Decay controls
Effects / Processing: Master Volume, Bass, Treble
FX: Reverb, Drive, Leakage, Click
Rotary: Slow/Still/Fast
Chorus/Vibrato: (6 selections)
Features: 11 Programmable + 1 panel User''s Presets, Upper/Lower sections with split, Pedal section + Pedal to Lower
Edit functions: Tune, Perc level, Perc length
MIDI: Dynamic Touch in "local off" mode
Controls / UI: 9x Drawbars, Pitch bend wheel, Rotary / Modulation wheel, Chorus / Vibrato knob, Preset / Sound button, 3x Split controls, 2x Transpose controls, 3x Percussion buttons, 4x Effect knobs, 3x Output volume / EQ knobs, Dynamic touch / [MIDI] button
Audio OUT: 2x 6,3 mm mono jack (L+R)
Audio IN: 3,5 mm mini stereo jack
Headphones: 2x 6,3 mm stereo jack
Pedals: Hold (Rotary Slow/Fast), Expression
MIDI: In, Out, Thru
USB: USB to Host, MIDI
AC IN: 110-240V
Width: 105 cm / 41,5"
Depth: 30 cm / 11,8"
Height: 10 cm / 4,1"
Weight: 11 Kg / 24,3 lbs

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