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Monteringsværktøj til Neutrik NL4FC & NAC3 FCA / FCB
Monteringsværktøj til Neutrik NL4FC & NAC3 FCA / FCB
SEK 87,50 
Lewitt DTP Beatkit Pro 7 Tromme mikrofon sæt Cardioid
Lewitt DTP Beatkit Pro 7 Tromme mikrofon sæt Cardioid

Lewitt DTP Beatkit Pro 7 Tromme mikrofon sæt Cardioid

SEK 10.670,00 
inkl. moms
DTP Beat Kit Pro 7

Elite full-spectrum drum set

The DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 is an elite full-spectrum drum mic set designed for the ever-growing number of professional drummers and sound engineers who want a high-performance allround kit that enables them to reproduce authentic, powerful, detail-rich sound in any setting. From upscale studio projects to big live acts, the DTP Beat Kit Pro 7 provides just the kind of reliable premium gear you need for a memorable performance.

This 7-piece pro-kit contains our drum mic masterpiece, the dual-element cardioid DTP 640 REX, along with three dynamic DTP 340 TT mics, two LCT 340 condenser mics and one cardioid dynamic MTP 440 DM mic, and a selection of shock and drum mounts. All these pro-quality, precision-engineered microphones feature frequency response curves tailored specifically for miking drums, percussion and bass instruments. This complete package exhibits fantastic SPL handling and off-axis sound rejection, delivering remarkably bright, smooth and balanced sound anytime and anywhere.

The complete kit is delivered in a military-grade protective case for easy travel and secure storage.

1x DTP 640 REX  
Kick drum mic with dual-element design
The DTP 640 REX combines a dynamic and a condenser capsule in a single housing. Switchable frequency response settings make possible rich and intense or flat and neutral kick-drum sounds. Each element has a dedicated output. More information on the DTP 640 REX

3x DTP 340 TT  Supercardioid dynamic drum mics
The DTP 340 TT is a wired dynamic microphone specifically designed to accurately capture the sound of drums and percussion instruments, providing maximum acoustic presence and clarity in live sound applications. More information on the DTP 340 TT

2x LCT 340 Pencil microphones with lots of features
Our LCT 340 is a 0.8" externally polarized condenser microphone that excels in capturing acoustic and percussion instruments as well as drums and vocals. Its rugged black die-cast full-metal body ensures long durability. More information on the LCT 340

2x LCT 340 OC  Omnidirectional capsules for LCT 340
Two versions of the Beat Kit Pro 7 are available: One including both, cardioid and omnidirectional capsules for the LCT 340, and a ''cardioid only'' version.

1x MTP 440 DM Snare mic with bright and lively sound
The MTP 440 DM is a cardioid dynamic instrument microphone. It features a high-performance capsule that delivers a remarkably bright and lively sound. The MTP 440 DM is perfect for miking snare drums, amps and wind instruments. More information on the MTP 440 DM

Box Content
Protective case
LCT 40 Ws
DTP 40 Mts
DTP 40 Mt
MTP 40 MCs
DTP 40 Trs
LCT 340 OC 

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